The Big Conversation - BICP Mini Series

The Big Conversation - BICP Mini Series

Got big questions? Then you need The Big Conversation! Tune in for this brand new mini series where we tackle the big questions. From how to keep a nation on time to the antichrist spirit, false prophets and what the Lord is saying for the nations around the world - these are weighty conversations for the times we are living in.

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The Big Conversation - BICP Mini Series
  • EP 7 // Holy Spirit Encounter

    In our final Big Conversation episode, join the prophets as they deep dive into spiritual warfare, worshipping in Spirit and truth, plus what it means to live a life of the Spirit. Emma Stark, Phil Sanderson, Adele Richards, Simon Braker and Louise Reid share prophetic insights and Biblical wisdo...

  • EP 6 // World War Three Prophecy

    The prophets prophesy over nations including America, Taiwan, Poland, the UK, and more in this exciting episode. As we feel the birth pains of an extended season of war, join to hear what God is saying about if there will be a World War Three, how you can prepare for your next season and the bill...

  • EP 5 // Babel 2.0

    Are we living in the days of Babel 2.0? The team are back to wrestle with the big questions including what historic sins exist within the charismatic church, how to avoid accidental Ishmael partnerships plus what it means to truly partner with God in new things. Join Emma Stark, Simon Braker, Phi...

  • EP 4 // How Does Five-Fold Ministry Work?

    God is giving gifts to the five fold ministry! But how does five-fold ministry work and what does it mean for you? Emma Stark, Phil Sanderson, Louise Reid, Adele Richards and Simon Braker discuss teams of apostles, who the Ecclesia are and how we are in the era of the Ecclesia.

  • EP 3 // Prophecy and Politics

    It's a big episode where we discover what to do with prophecy on politics, what it means for faith to be politicised and whether nations can repent. Filled with Biblical revelation and prophetic wisdom, join Emma Stark, Simon Braker, Louise Reid, Adele Richards and Phil Sanderson.

  • EP 2 // False Prophets and Pure Prophets

    Politics, false prophets and loving the Kingdom more than our own nation - get ready to be stretched! Join Emma Stark, Simon Braker, Phil Sanderson, Louise Reid and Adele Richards as they wrestle what it means to be a purified prophet and the burning cost that comes with it. You don't want to mis...

  • EP 1 // A Prophet’s Role

    What does a prophet do? Join Emma Stark, Simon Braker, Louise Reid, Adele Richards and Phil Sanderson as they tackle the big questions. If you’ve ever had questions about prophets, this episode is for you!

    Learn how to get the best out of prophets, what God is saying today for the nations and be...