Prophet's Talk

Prophet's Talk

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Prophet's Talk
  • Get Wisdom

    When Godly wisdom and revelation come together, we have a kingdom recipe for advancement. Join Emma Stark and Simon Braker as they share why you need to pursue wisdom.

  • The Reward Of Overcoming

    Emma Stark, Louise Reid and Phil Sanderson explore the rewards for those who overcome as per scripture, and how a series of successive victories is coming your way.

  • Miracles, Signs and Wonders

    Want to see miracles of God? Emma Stark and Simon Braker share the extraordinary miracles of God they have seen and equip you to demonstrate the power of God in your community!

  • Death In The House Of God

    Drawing on lessons from Annanias and Sapphira, Emma Stark, Louise Reid and Simon Braker share why God won't be mocked and how to partner with the glory of God.

  • Know The Times and Seasons

    Your life is ready for greater revelation from God! Emma Stark and Sam Robertson impart powerful lessons and practical teaching to help you hear God every day.

  • All Hail King Jesus

    Learn how to step into the rhythms of God in this inspiring episode with Emma Stark, Phil Sanderson and Sam Robertson. And it all starts with acknowledging the kingship of Jesus.

  • Get That Snake Under Your Feet

    Get ready for a powerful episode as Emma Stark and Phil Sanderson examine who the ecclesia are and what it means to live in increasing glory, breakthrough and Kingdom advancement.

  • How To Host God's Glory

    Do you feel the need to be seen, to belong, to be understood? Emma Stark, Sam Robertson and Louise Reid wrestle with the vital importance of hospitality, how to host the weighty glory of God together and why belonging to each other is key to glory.

  • Worship That Terrifies The Enemy

    Emma Stark and Louise Reid explore how worship overflowing from a place of adoring Jesus, will terrify the powers of darkness in this inspiring episode. It's time to get strong and step into breakthrough warrior worship!

  • Advancing God's Kingdom

    There is a showdown coming, one against principalities and powers. Join Emma Stark, Phil Sanderson and Simon Braker as they deep dive into leadership which takes down giants, and how you can step into a mindset of advancing God's kingdom.

  • Radically Transform Your Future

    Join Emma Stark and Simon Braker as they unpack what it means for the Lord to give His secrets to those who tremble righteously before Him and how fear of God leads to a radical transformation of your future.

  • Why Do We Need War?

    Emma Stark, Simon Braker and Sam Robertson are here to equip you in the most remarkable ways on how to thrive and stay strong in the Lord as we enter a season of war and shaking on the earth.

  • What's God Saying Today

    God doesn't want you out of time or battling delay. Join Emma Stark and Sam Robertson to discover how to steward revelation and step into what God is saying today.