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Power Church

Leaders on fire! | POWER CHURCH | Sunday 3 June with Sam Robertson & Nigel Reid

Episode 5 • 2h 10m


  • How To Be Healthy Trailblazers | POWE...

    2 months ago

    Join prophet Sam Robertson for a powerful prophetic word on how to be healthy as a trailblazer for God! Watch now to discover what you're wearing in the spirit, the importance of language and why wilderness is a gift.

  • Resisting Evil | POWER CHURCH | Sunda...

    2 months ago

    Join Emma Stark and the GPA hub here in Glasgow for our Power Church gathering! Expect worship, fellowship with your online church family, and a fiery word from Emma Stark asking the question: are we spirit led, or are we led by other things? It's going to be so so good. We look forward to welcom...

  • Open the Scrolls! | POWER CHURCH | Su...

    3 months ago

    Join the GPA hub here in Glasgow for our Power Church gathering to worship the King of Kings! We can't wait to welcome you global family, and receive a powerful word of the Lord from Sam Robertson: there are scrolls of revelation available for you today!