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Power Church

Kingdom NOW | POWER CHURCH | Sunday 5th May 2024 with Nigel Reid

Episode 34


  • Eden Restored And You | POWER CHURCH ...

    about 1 month ago

    We are in days of glory, testing and fury. Join pastor and prophet Emma Stark for a powerful teaching on heaven, Eden and your eternal role plus hear what God is saying about the empires of the world.

  • God's Ultimate Aim | POWER CHURCH | S...

    about 1 month ago

    Why is it dangerous for social media to connect people more with ether than the physical realm? Join Emma Stark for a strengthening word on God's ultimate aim, why we need to find joy where we are and how the cross publicly humiliated the enemy.

  • Maturity is Urgent | POWER CHURCH | S...

    about 2 months ago

    Join the GPA hub here in Glasgow for our Power Church gathering to worship the King of Kings! We can't wait to welcome you global family, and receive powerful word of the Lord from the amazing Jennifer O'Brien.