Power Hour!

Power Hour!

Now featuring over 200 hours of mind-blowing Spirit-filled videos! Power Hour is a power-filled hour of prophecy, wisdom, teaching, training and authentic conversation between three prophets. Featuring Emma Stark, Sam Robertson and various team members from the Global Prophetic Alliance HQ in Glasgow, Scotland.

Power Hour began in March 2020 during the UK's first coronavirus "lockdown" and the team has continued to broadcast nearly every week since. Watch live on Wednesdays at 5pm UK time or catch up on demand when you can!

Power Hour!
  • Ep 289 // Church in the Graveyard!?

    Is the church among the graveyard? Are we seeing the fullness of life in our churches? Let's ask the question with the power hour team Emma Stark, David Stark and special guest Larry Sparks.

  • EP 288 // Disruptive Prophecy!

    The word of the Lord DISRUPTS, and shakes what will be shaken. Join the Power Hour team of prophets as they share prophetic revelation and what to do when the word of the Lord shakes things up!

  • EP 287 // National Words: Are they worth it?

    What is the point of prophesying over nations? Join prophets Emma Stark, Sam Robertson and Louise Reid as they discuss a prophet's role in nations, what impact looks like and whether or not national words are worth it.

  • EP 286 // The Prophet-less Church

    Are we still a prophet-less church? Join prophets Emma Stark, Sam Robertson, Louise Reid, Jennifer O'Brien and apostle Nigel Reid as they wrestle with why the church has resisted the prophetic movement, and how we might understand God's plan for His church and bride.

  • EP 285 // Prophetic Consequences

    What happens when prophetic words with heavy consequences come to pass? Join prophets Emma Stark, Sam Robertson and David Stark as they wrestle with why God is cross with prophets, how to respond when prophetic words come to pass and what ecstatic prophecy is. It's a big one!

  • EP 284 // Wildness in the Church

    Are we the wildest we can be as a church? What does true liberated and undignified Holy Spirit manifestation look like in our churches? Join the Power Hour team as they discuss!

  • Ep 283 // Reordering the Church

    Join Emma, David, Louise and Nigel as they discuss how the church needs to reform and take a new shape and reorder its priorities in the days of crises.

  • EP 282 // Deliverance need to know

    In this interactive episode, learn top tips on how to cast out demons and key things you need to know about deliverance. From undeserved curses to can Christians be possessed, prophets Emma Stark, Sam Robertson and Louise Reid are here to answer your deliverance questions.

  • EP 281 // Freedom from Freemasonry

    Do you want to be free from freemasonry and cast out demons? Join the prophets Emma Stark, Sam Robertson and Louise Reid for a powerful episode of practical teaching and deliverance as the team walk you through how to cast out demons of freemasonry and warfare on your behalf. This is a liberation...

  • EP 280 // You're Not Yet Free

    What will kill democracy? Join prophet Emma Stark, Sam Robertson and Hannah Graham as they prophesy what God is saying about your freedom, national freedom and why we're not free yet! There is a TOTAL measure of freedom available to us, but have we stepped into it as believers? Or are we still ho...

  • EP 279 // Provoking Demons

    Join the prophets to learn how to cast out demons and own your leadership call! The Power Hour prophets share practical training on deliverance, dealing with demons and how to set people free with the name of Jesus. Join us to learn how to be a deliverance warrior!

  • EP 278 // Healing Power

    God is showing up in HEALING POWER! If you need a healing miracle then you need to join the prophets for this power filled episode!

  • EP 277 // Wrestling with God

  • EP 276 // Exposing Self-Sabotage

    The Power Hour team are going after the spirit of sabotage this week, and exposing the assignment of the enemy against the people of God to hold them back from fullness in their destiny. Join us this for an hour of breakthrough and freedom!

  • EP 275 // Remnant Arise

    Join Emma, Sam and Louise live for timely revelation from the prophets, and partner with the word of the Lord to agree for His Kingdom to manifest on the earth in the days to come! Remnant arise for the days of war!

  • EP 274 // Kingdom and the Spirit

    What does it look like to be people of the Kingdom and people of the Spirit in days of war? Join Emma, Hannah and Louise as they bring powerful prophetic direction.

  • EP 273 // Word of the Lord 2024

    This is a continuation of episode 271 Word of the Lord 2024 Power Hour episode. Emma, Sam and Louise dive deeper into what the Lord is saying over this year about war and being a spiritual warrior in the Lords army.

  • EP 272 // Why War Happens

    What is the difference between spiritual warfare, manmade warfare and when God allows war on the earth? Join us as we lean into scripture for a weighty conversation on the complex topic of war and Israel. You’re invited to sit with the prophets to soberly assess why war happens, how we can pray d...

  • EP 271 // Word of the Lord 2024

    Welcome to Power Hour live!

    Join us LIVE from the Global Prophetic Alliance, home Glasgow Prophetic Centre, on Wednesdays at 12pm (UTC+1)*. POWER HOUR! is an hour of high-impact, faith-building prophecy, prop...

  • EP 270 // Are We Pharisees?

    A special power hour for you to sink your teeth into during this Christmas break. Join Emma and Sam as they talk about how we can avoid being pharisees as God releases a fresh move of His Spirit: we don't want to resist it! Prepare for a laughter filled episode, with a lot of new words to go away...

  • EP 269 // Reviewing Prophecy in 2023

    It's the last POWER HOUR! of the year so join the Stark and the Reids as they discuss prophetic words from 2023. POWER HOUR! EPISODE 269 - with Emma Stark, Louise Reid, Nigel Reid and David Stark

  • EP 268 // Being Spirit-Filled and Spirit-Led

    The team are back with fresh revelation to equip you and liberate you as you finish out the year. Come ready and expectant to hear from God, and encounter His word!

  • EP 267 // The Sword of the Lord

    We have a quick-fire episode this week with Emma and Louise to bring you the now revelation of what the prophet's are hearing from the Lord as we approach the new year.

  • EP 266 // Governmental Authority

    Join Emma, Louise and Hannah as they dive deep into the need to wear governmental autority. This special is in collaboration with the "What The Prophet's Say" podcast.