This honest and raw series goes deep into the Bible and our personal experience about the role of women in the Church, the home and the workplace. If you want to be equipped with Biblical wisdom and prophetic insight on this timely topic, this is the series for you!

  • EP 7 // Male Headship

    In our final episode, the team explores what male headship is, and how we Biblically submit to each other in marriage in a way that leads to freedom.

  • EP 1 // The Sin Of Patriarchy

    Have you ever felt capped as a woman? In a powerful launch episode, join Emma Stark and the team as they share personal stories on how modern culture views women in the Church, the call for freedom and why the sin of patriarchy is an important conversation for today. If you've ever felt the pain ...

  • EP 2 // Gender Dysmorphia and Patriarchy

    Join Emma, Sam, Hannah and Ruth for a thought-provoking discussion on how patriarchy stereotypes contribute to a gender dysmorphia epidemic and the problems men experience around being emotionally vulnerable.

  • EP 3 // Stay In Your Lane

    If you've ever felt the pain of being boxed in or the cost of stepping into your call, this is a must-watch episode for both men and women!

  • EP 4 // Should Women Preach?

    Let's search the scriptures together as the team discuss should women preach and what God has to say on this highly contended topic.

  • EP 5 // Women Should Be Silent

    Emma and the team robustly analyse 1 Corinthians 14 and 1 Corinthians 11 on whether women should be silent and did women prophesy in Paul's time.

  • EP 6 // You Are Without Rival

    It's time to shake off the ugliness of jealousy and territorialism which patriarchy creates, as we step into the limitless kingdom God has for us in this uplifting episode.